Eco Friendly Economics: Personal Finance and Sustainability

The goal of Eco Economics is to create a successful website that helps individuals change their habits to live a more sustainable life with respect to the environment and their personal finances.

In past blogs I have talked quite a bit about goal setting. You should create a five-year, one year, and monthly goals. Each milestone contributes to the overall 5-year goal. As you complete each milestone, you will notice that you may need to make slight adjustments to the direction or milestone in order to achieve your one year and five-year goals.


My year goal for is:

1) Have a fully functioning platform that offers a wide variety of earth-friendly and sustainable products.   

2) Create an online curriculum that teaches individuals:

a) Personal finances: How to navigate and use their personal finances to make wise investments and purchasing decisions.

b) Sustainability: How individuals can implement sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

I will create sets of 2 curriculums: one for adults and the other for young adults (individuals 18 under).

I will have audio and written (worksheets) supplements because I want to make the curriculum interactive and fun to learn! Research shows that when you engage yourself fully, in any topic of study (in multiple ways = audio, visual, kinesthetic), you retain the information more fully and have an increased likelihood of following through.

Here are a few of the personal finance topics that will be covered:

  • Real estate for beginners and beyond, rental income, different kinds of loans, items to pay attention to in real estate contract, REITS, and much more!
  • Stocks, ETFs, CAN SLIM, contrarian versus crowed mentality, fundamentalist versus a technician, and much more!

Here are a few of the sustainability topics that will be covered:

  • How to integrate sustainable practices into your daily life, tax credits and incentives, a series of current newsworthy renewable energy/technology updates (including companies making an impact), general and environmental laws/legislation, what you can do to help promote/increase sustainability, and much more!
  • Sustainability may seem like it is a topic that is gaining in popularity, but  President Trump has made eliminating federal regulations a priority. Based on research from Harvard Law School’s Environmental Regulation Rollback Tracker and Columbia Law School’s Climate Tracker the Trump administration has sought to reverse more than 70 environmental rules!!

When I first started this blog, I originally planned on writing about personal finance. As time progressed, I realized that I also wanted to blog about sustainability. The end goal is still the same, just with a slight modification.

If you find that you need to make a modification to your five-year goal, be sure that you modify your short-term and interim goals so that you steer your ship in the right direction to arrive at the new destination. Slight modifications will have a reverberating effect, and it is important to adjust your direction ever so slightly. Small adjustments can make a huge impact over time (large adjustments may cause you to tack back and forth, which is counterproductive). An analogy I like to use is to imagine that you are driving a car, and you turn the steering wheel 5° to the right. In 50 miles, you will arrive at a completely different destination then if you had kept the steering wheel straight.

As always, I encourage feedback (comment below). I will continue to update the community as new milestones are accomplished or adjusted.


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