9 Reasons to Switch to Renewable Energy

Reasons to Switch to Renewable Energy:

1. Perform an energy audit to increasing the efficiency of your home.  You could cut your energy bill in half and save some big-time bucks!

One of the biggest uses of electricity is devoted to heating and cooling your home. This is because most homes look like a block of swiss cheese, meaning that the home has a ton of tiny holes that let all of the A/C out.

By downloading the Free Home Energy Audit guide, you can perform a quick evaluation to see how badly your home is leaking. Chances are you are wasting a lot of money heating and cooling a home that isn’t retaining the A/C.

Shockingly, 62% of electricity is generated through the burning of coal and fossil fuels. 

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2. Protect yourself from devastating rises in fuel cost. Fossil Fuels are a limited resource. As the supply dwindles and the population continues to grow, energy prices will increase. Simply put, this is a traditional supply and demand curve equation.

3. Little to no cost to making the switch. Currently, many renewable technologies and fuels are already cost-competitive with conventional fuels.

This means that there are ways to making the switch now, with little to no cost to you! As renewable technologies develop, the economies of scale will increase.  Overall, an increase in electricity production will reduce the cost to purchase it from utility companies. 

4. Increased independence from energy monopolies. Moreover, the benefit of renewable energy is that the creation of electricity comes from a decentralized power source. Obviously, no one company has the rights to the sun’s energy. Solar energy can be produced on an individual scale, which liberates you from the tyranny of energy monopolies. 

5. Control over your own power generation. Renewable energy is often actively lobbied against by powerful fossil fuel industry leaders. In essence, lobbyists advocate for the continued use of oil and coal to prevent the liberation of the average energy user. Energy monopolies want to secure their control over electricity prices.

Positive Political Reasons Switching to Renewable Energy:

6. Increase in national security. A decentralized energy system would make our country less vulnerable to sabotage or attack. In the event of an attack on a power plant, swaths of homes would be left without electricity. Not to mention, food in grocery stores myy spoil.

7. Producing your own energy. This gives you the ability to free yourself from the political whims of legislators and become your own energy plant manager.  In essence, this means that any political power changes or increases in energy costs will not affect your budget! 

8. Other countries are much further ahead of the US. Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands are making tremendous efforts to tap into renewable energy resources. In the past, the US had always been at the forefront of leading industries but times are changing.

The United States is lagging far behind other countries with similar technological capabilities. America has long been the technological over the past 200 years, but the tides are changing. As we continue to hold on to out-dated fossil fuel technologies, we lag further behind other leading nations.

Renewable Energy is Quite Predictable:

9. The amount of renewable energy available in a given year is quite predictable. While renewable energy resources such as wind and solar may not be available 24 hours a day, the overall energy capture in a given year is very similar. The use of battery storage systems will help stockpile and save any energy surpluses for later use.

Challenges and Ways to Over Come Them:

1. Energy storage systems should be a part of the long-term growth plan of our country. In a prior blog, I discuss how one of the major challenges to switching to renewable technology is the retrofitting of our vast infrastructure system (homes, office/public buildings, and transit).

2. Another challenge that we are facing is that there are not enough experts and local suppliers of renewable energy technologies.

3. Colleges should increase the number of classes they offer in the area of renewable technology.  Colleges can also provide instruction in the areas of eco-engineering, materials development, and green architecture.

4. Converting to a renewable energy based economy will need to be done on a house-by-house basis. Of course, energy independence is more easily attained by those building brand new homes. But, the vast majority of homes that exist in the world will need to be retrofitted to become more efficient.

The biggest thing that a homeowner can do to become energy efficient is to perform a home energy audit:

The transition to a renewable energy society will require the efforts of millions of informed homeowners. This is because homes are owned by individuals and not one large entity that can enact sustainability across the board.

Above all, individuals can choose to make a significant impact and change their habits quickly. You do not need to seek permission from a board of directors or stockholders to change your buying/living habits.

Even though it may be a task to get millions of people to change their daily habits, social movements are the basis of massive change.

With this in mind, you can make the biggest impact in two forms. First, reducing your energy consumption (download the home energy audit guide). Second, increasing your energy production.

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Following the Leader:

California has just become the first state to require all new homes to have solar power. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, three other states have also considered legislation requiring that new buildings be solar-ready. The three states considering going green are New Jersey, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.,

California has long been the leader in the transition toward an energy independent society. Its laws require that at least 50% of the state’s electricity come from noncarbon-producing sources by 2030.

In conclusion, we cannot afford to be nearsighted. We must use our voices and dollars in ways that promote sustainability.

An energy independent individual will:

  • Save money on their energy bill
  • Protect themselves from rising energy costs
  • Support an energy independent nation
  • Save the environment!

Many Birds with the Same Stone:

In sum, there aren’t many chances in life where we get to take advantage of so many benefits by making one change. This is one of those opportunities, and you should get excited about to hopping on the bandwagon.

The switch is inevitable, but how long we take to make the switch can greatly impact what the future will look like. The sooner you act, the faster you can start saving!!

Take advantage of this opportunity to save money, live a healthier quality of life, and be a part of a powerful movement!

Can you think of any other ways that switching to a renewable energy society can help you save money? If so, comment below!


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