How Silicone Can Save the World From Plastic

Why is silicone better than plastic you ask? Silicone is made from naturally occurring materials like silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. Moreover, it resists oxidative deterioration (i.e. normal aging) for decades and studies have shown that it actually thrives on challenges.


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Silicon is able to experience a wide range of temperatures from extreme heat and cold, to exposure to harsh chemicals, sterilization, rain, snow, salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and even acid rain.

Silicone is more environmentally friendly and is also more inert than plastic. This means that silicone does not leach chemicals into your food when used for food storage or during the cooking process.

In recent years, silicone bakeware has received a lot of attention. Its ability to go from the oven to the fridge to the freezer without any breaks in between has increased its popularity. 

What’s more is that silicone products are microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer safe! It can handle a wide range of temperatures and offers non-stick properties.

In fact, experts even recommend you skip greasing silicon baking dishes because oil is not necessary and makes for an easier cleanup.

Another reason why silicone beats plastic is that plastic has a rigid form and often cracks under pressure or melts at medium to high temperatures.

Moreover, when plastics are recycled, most plastic give off noxious and toxic fumes that add to the creation of acid rain.

This article is going to cover how you can save money, reduce your use of single use-products, eat healthier, and be more environmentally friendly by adding silicone to your daily routine 🙂


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The Healthier Option:


Silicone is the undisputed champion when it comes to offering a highly durable and reusable material. Unlike plastic, silicon does not leak or contain estrogen-mimicking chemicals. 

Doctors, scientists, and regulators have published a wide array of studies linking health problems to the use of BPA and other environmental toxins that leach into our system through the use of plastic.

Clearly, silicon is the more healthy and environmentally friendly option.

Here are a few helpful silicone swaps!


Silicone Cooking Utensils:


The MIBOTE 11-pieces wooden cooking utensil set is made with 100% non-corrosive materials. Moreover, the food grade silicone does not react with foods/beverages or produce any hazardous fumes. 

Silicon Cooking utensils

Of course, the silicone tips are ultra heat resistant and can withstand a temperature range between -40°F and 446°F.

Silicon is naturally non-stick and stain-resistant which makes for a hassle-free cleanup!

MIBOTE uses wooden handles that are environmentally friendly and won’t rust like some metal utensils might.

Quit scratching your pots and pans with metal utensils or accidentally melting your plastic ones.

Click here to check out more details on this utensil set.



Magic Brush Scrubber Gloves:


The Magic Saksak reusable brush scrubber gloves make cleaning super fast and easy! They can be used to wash the dishes, clean the tub/shower, or even for pet care. 

This soft glove is made of high-quality food grade silicone that  Silicon Gloves can be sterilized in boiled water, the microwave, or in a dishwasher.

Tired of replacing your kitchen sponge?

The Magic Saksak glove is long lasting and very durable.

Additionally, they keep your skin safe from getting dish-pan-hands (a condition of dryness, redness, and scaling of the hands that results from repeated exposure to cleaning materials).

Get a hold of your Magic Saksak gloves today and save money and the environment by not having to purchase replacement sponges every month.



Silicone Ice Cube or Candy/Cake Molds:

silicon ice cube trays

The OZERA silicone ice cube molds are made of food grade silicone and are of course BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. 

The molds come in a pack of 2 and each tray contains 15 squares. 

Dimensions: 1.25-inch square ice cubes.

Its perfect for freezing 1-ounce servings of homemade or pureed baby food, sauces, whiskey ice cubes, or as a mold for perfectly cubed fudge or candy. 

The OZERA mold makes a great gift for the upcoming holidays!

Moreover, the manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a totally risk-free purchase. Click here to grab one today 🙂



Hiware Drinking Straws:


silicone strawsThe United States National Park Service estimates that Americans use 500 million straws per day.

Technomic (a firm that focuses on the foodservice market), recently estimated that nearly 63 billion straws were used last year.

Companies across the world are starting to take notice and beginning to change how they offer their products.  A National Geographic article notes that,

“Starbucks plans to phase out plastic straws by 2020McDonald’s recently announced it will ban plastic straws at its U.K. and Ireland restaurants. Bon Appétit Management, a food service company with 1,000 U.S. locations, announced last May it will [also] phase out plastic straws.”

I am excited to see that the world is beginning to take notice of the impact that humans are having on Mother Nature.

The switch to a sustainable world does not mean that we have to give up all luxuries and live in the stone age. We just need to use products that are easy to reuse, recycle, and are biodegradable.

Each one of us gets to choose which luxuries we want to keep in our lives. If you love drinking from a straw, then do it responsibly 🙂

The Hiware silicone drinking straws come in a pack of 8 assorted colors and are accompanied by 2 cleaning brushes.

Due to their slightly thicker diameter, they are great for drinking smoothies, milkshakes, and yogurts.

These straws fit most large tumblers including Yeti and RTIC. The straws are slightly larger than your average straw, but that’s ok because they are flexible and can be squeezed into smaller openings without out issue.

Dimensions: Approximately 10 inch in length and 0.45 inches in exterior diameter.

The best part is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee! 

Click here to grab your straws today.



AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups:


silicon baking cups

These AmazonBasics Reusable Baking Cups come in a pack of 12 value and makes an excellent gift for any occasion.

Save the environment by grabbing these cost-saving alternative baking cups to one-time use paper cups.

Effortless food release means that no greasing or cooking spray is needed.

Of course, these cups are freezer, microwave, oven (up to 500 degrees F), and dishwasher safe. Not to mention, they are also stain and odor resistant. 

Get ready for the holidays and give a gift that will keep giving.

Silicon is healthier, more environmentally friendly, and will save you money because you can reuse these baking cups over and over again.

You can’t beat a one and done deal!


The 10,000 Foot Overview: 


Silicon is so reliable and durable that many of the manufacturers of the products that I have mentioned in this post offer lifetime guarantees!

It’s hard to find another material that is so versatile.

Silicon is sustainable, healthier, and clearly beats plastic every time!

The holidays are just around the corner. Give the gift of sustainability.

This gift set is the perfect gift because it also gives you the opportunity to talk about sustainability with your friends and family.



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