How to Reduce Climate Change by Acting and Buying Green

How to reduce or eliminate your climate change impact by acting and buying green. Living a sustainable lifestyle means something slightly different to everyone. The end goal is that everyone becomes a little more conscious of how they are using the earth’s resources and takes small but meaningful steps to reduce their impact.

reduce climate change

It doesn’t matter where you are in your sustainable living journey.

Start by taking a mental inventory of where you are currently. Then, make changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle so that we can move toward a greener future together 🙂

Even politicians are having to come around to the fact global warming and climate change are issues that we are going to have to deal with in the near future.

If we know that global warming and climate change is a major problem, then why not tackle it today…Rather than put it off, and let it grow into a larger issue that we still have to face tomorrow.

There are two ways for us to tackle this problem.

The answer is to act in ways that prevent global warming, and purchase products from companies that consciously manufacture goods with social and environmental integrity.

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What Does it Mean to Live Sustainably?

Sustainable living is not just about reducing your carbon output. Here is a quick list of meanings that come to my mind when someone says the word sustainability:

Acting and Buying Green:

Acting green means to change your habits, whereas buying green means to consciously purchasing products that are manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

One way to both act and purchase green is to start your own carbon sequestering organic garden!

A Carbon Sequestering Organic Garden Helps Reverse Global Warming and Climate Change:


Planting a fruit, vegetable, and herb garden helps take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turns it back into clean oxygen!

Let’s take it a step further, and talk about why you should take the organic garden route.

Then later in the article, I’ll talk about how you can use an all natural pesticide and fertilizer (worm casting) to keep your garden from being eaten alive by bugs.

When I say all-natural, I really do mean 100% (no-chemicals involved) natural fertilizer that doubles as a pesticide!

Home gardening accounts for nearly 80 million pounds of pesticides used per year in North America.

Most of these chemicals are used to control those annoying insects that eat your fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, these chemicals find their way into streams or rivers as runoff, and from there into the oceans.

In sum, these pollutants and chemicals are not confined to our oceans and drinking water resources. We end up consuming them through the food web too.

Much of our food livestock eats pounds of grain that have soaked up these chemicals through the soil. This is called bioaccumulation.

Biomagnification is when we consume meat that has eaten lots of polluted corn meal or grain, and the pollutants travel up the food chain and into our bodies.

When you eat contaminated food, you absorb those chemicals and over time they build up in your body.


Starting an organic garden is a great way to:
  • Reverse climate change (when you carbon sequester, you turn carbon dioxide back into oxygen which reverses global warming)!!
  • Reduces your weekly grocery bill.
  • Be healthier (and the food tastes better!).

Worm Casting: 


Worm casting is a natural fertilizer that is also a pesticide!worm casting

Instead of growing grass, grow edible organic fruits and vegetables!

Before you ask about the additional water costs, ill point you to this awesome rainwater collector!

Rainwater collector



Eco Economics is all about showing you how you can save money by going green and then reinvesting that money to gain your financial freedom!

If you would like to learn more, you can take the Free Sustainability Mini-Email Course by clicking here.

Starting a carbon sequestering garden will save you money, your health, and the environment.

To read about the 14 benefits of starting your own carbon sequestering organic garden click here! You will also learn more about the 8 benefits of worm casting and composting!

Now that we have covered ‘how to reduce the number of chemicals that you put into your body’, let’s take a look at how to reduce the number of chemicals inside of your home.



Buying Green Cleaners:


Another way that your body comes into contact with chemicals is through the many cleaning agents that you use to “sanitize” your home.

By using zero-waste or minimally packaged concentrated natural cleaners, you can cut down on your resource consumption and limit the toxins in your home.

I personally love the zero-waste Provence de Marseille Soap.

You can use it to remove tough stains on clothes, grease from dishes, or to shower off with at the end of the day.

This soap is primarily composed of Olive Oil and is made of 100% vegetable ingredients.

Of course, it is cruelty-free and does not contain colorants or artificial ingredients!


Buying Concentrates:


Branch Basics bottleMy favorite all-natural concentrate cleaner is by Branch Basics.

The concentrate is a powerful plant and mineral based cleaner.

The Benefits of Using a Concentrate are:
  • Less packaging means more eco-friendly (liquids condense into smaller bottles and fewer bottles need to be purchased on an annual basis).
  • Less transportation fuel (why ship diluted cleaners to the store or to your home? That’s just silly).
  • Save money (buying a cleaner in a concentrated formula is cheaper than purchasing a diluted version + save money on packaging).
  • Re-fill and reuse the plastic squirt bottles that you already own.

Moreover, you can save as much as half of your yearly cleaning budget by buying your cleaners in a concentrated formula!

The average cost of a 32 oz “green” cleaner is $6.18 (or $0.20 per ounce).

Instead, a 32 oz. bottle of Branch Basics Concentrate can make 16 All-Purpose bottles (24 oz), at $3.06 each ($0.12 per oz)!

This all-purpose cleaner is so natural and healthy that you can basically use it everywhere.

It may be harder to think of places where it can’t be used…

The Branch Basics Concentrate is great for:

  • All-Purpose: Appliances, Dishes, Granite, Grills, Highchairs, Jewelry, Marble, Natural Stone, Pacifiers, Pots & Pans, Stains, Stovetops, Sticky Spills, Yoga Mats
  • Bathroom: Tile, Grout, Countertops, Sinks, Showers, Tubs, Toilets, Fixtures, Shower Liners, Soap Scum
  • Streak-Free: Windows, Mirrors, Glass Surfaces, Computer Screens, Phones and Tablets, Fixtures, Aquariums, Shower Doors, and Picture Frames
  • Foaming Wash: Hands, Face, Body, Baby, Hair, Pets, Removing Make-Up, Shaving, Dishes, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Misc: Laundry (192 loads), Stainless Steel, Wood, and Vinyl Floors, Carpet


What’s more is that all Branch Basic products are:

Branch Basics product description


The money you save can be put toward any number of uses, but since Eco Economics is about sustainability and increasing your financial IQ…

I would say that the highest and best use of this money is to devoted it to a tax-advantaged account that helps you achieve financial freedom!

As a result, you receive the same service (a clean home) at a fraction of the cost and impact to the Earth!

The Take Away: 


Yes, ideally we would love to live in a world where plastic doesn’t exist.

Especially since we now know all of the health and environmental problems that plastic causes.

Being aware of a problem is one thing, but doing something about that problem is a completely different scenario.

We may not be able to rid ourselves of plastic entirely, but we can do the following things to reduce our plastic usage:

  1. Decline single-use plastic items
  2. Buy zero-waste, biodegradable, and all-natural products
  3. Re-use the plastic bottles you already own (use an empty sriracha bottle as a squirt bottle for your all-natural cleaning solutions. You hide your cleaning solutions in a cabinet where no one sees them anyway!)

Take action today, and remember to visit the Sustainability Shop to start using zero-waste, plastic alternative, and biodegradable products.

If global warming, climate change, and resource depletion are important to you, then pre-enroll for the free Sustainability Mini-Email Course. You will learn about other money-saving sustainability swaps and actions that you can take to save the world!

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I sincerely only hope to provide helpful information. If you are curious about a specific topic or have a question about anything that I have written, please feel free to comment or contact me.

Keep in mind, it only takes 25% of a population to start a major social movement.

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