New Year’s Resolutions to Create a Sustainable 2019

Happy New Year’s! I am so grateful for all of the amazing things that happened in 2018 and am so excited for all that is to come in 2019. January is usually the time when we look out into the future and set a few goals to improve our lives. Striving toward a more sustainable lifestyle is one goal that has budget, environment, and health benefits.

The goal of Eco Economics is to show you how to save thousands of dollars by going green and how to reinvest those savings into financial vehicles that will help you gain your financial freedom.

Living a sustainable lifestyle has wide sweeping impacts on:
  • Our children’s future
  • You and your parent’s respiratory health
  • Quality of the food you eat
  • The environment that you live in
  • The planet’s biodiversity


UN scientists have released a warning stating that the world has less than 15 years to reduce the carbon output to nearly 0 or else face serious climate change consequences. 

What is really scary to think about is that three-quarters of the world’s mega-cities are by the sea. Moreover, imagine the level of geopolitical instability that would occur should billions of people need to relocate due to rising sea levels.

According to the UN, 2.4 billion people (40% of the world’s population) live within 60 miles of the coast. To give you a comparison, the recent instability in Syria has displaced 13 million people. Now, just imagine the level of crisis that would occur should 1 billion people need to find new homes. I am not an alarmist. I just want you to know the facts.

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This infographic, provided by the Union of Concerned Scientists, does a fantastic job of showing you how much water levels could rise over the next 100 years.



I urge you to join me by taking the Sustainability Pledge and promising to be the change that the world, our children, and the future needs. Start by educating yourself and investing in a sustainable lifestyle.

If global warming, climate change, and resource depletion are important topics to you, then sign up for the Free Sustainability Mini-Email Course.

7 New Year’s Resolutions to Create a Sustainable 2019:


If you are reading this article, it is because you are actively looking for ways to reduce your waste, increase your energy efficiency, cut down on spending, and live a healthier lifestyle.

With that in mind, I am sure that some of you are even looking to go a step further. Know this, eco-friendly, zero-waste, and minimalism are not all-or-nothing concepts. It’s about becoming conscious of your actions and starting small. Taking many small steps can result in a major social movement. As a consequence of your actions today, social movements can change the course of history.

The more you act and buy green, the easier it becomes. Soon, you won’t even have to think about it…It will just become “the way things are done”.

So, let’s get straight to it! Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that you can make to live a more sustainable lifestyle in 2019.


1. Plant a Carbon Sequestering Garden:

Reduce how much you spend at the grocery store each week by starting an organic carbon sequestering garden!

Planting an edible garden is one way you can make a huge difference by helping sequester carbon from the atmosphere!

Want to know what you need to start a carbon sequestering garden? Click here to learn about the benefits and how to get started!

2. Create a Habitat for Mason Bees:


In recent years, the decline of bees has become a cause for major concern for everyone.

Bees help farmers pollinate the crops that we rely on for food.  You can help our environment and eat better tasting  (bigger fruits and vegetables) by starting your very own Mason Bee garden.

Mason bees are 10x more productive than the common honey bee. This is because they are more efficient at pollinating flowers. What’s more is that they don’t travel as far to collect pollen so they are less likely to be exposed to diseases. Mason Bees cannot create their own hives, which is how you can help them by providing them a place to live!

Here is a quick video by TED that explains why our bee populations are in such great decline.


Starting your own bee garden is super simple and cheap!


3. Purchase a Zero-Waste Kit:


Making the switch over to a zero-waste or minimalist lifestyle has a relatively small start-up cost. One of the benefits of switching over to a sustainable lifestyle is that these products that will save you money over the long run!

One useful tip is to have a “to-go zero-waste car kit” that always stays in your car. I always keep reusable bags, to-go containers, a clean coffee mug, a full reusable water bottle, and a utensil kit in the back seat of my car. This way the kit is always on me where ever I go and whenever I need it.

Your zero-waste home kit should contain the following items at the very least:

4. Avoid Single-Use Items:


Bring your own or just decline the following items:

  • Cups
  • Balloons
  • Straws
  • To-go doggy bags
  • Fast food waste
  • Paper towels
  • Aluminum foil (use a silicone baking mat instead)



5. Water Conservation:


In total, humans can only use 1% of all the water resources on earth. The EPA website states that the U.S. population has doubled over the past 50 years, while our thirst for water has nearly tripled!!!

The US government estimates that at least 40 states anticipate having water shortages by 2024. Clearly, the need to conserve water is critical.

What you can do:


6. Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency:


Insulating your home will increase its energy efficiency, reduce your energy usage, and save you tons of money! The more air-tight your home is, the more money you can save. This is because heat won’t escape during the winter and the cool air will stay in your home during the summer. 

What you can do:

You can find additional insulation solutions on Eco Economic’s Sustainability Shop page.

The shop includes energy efficiency and water conservation conversion kits, solar products, zero-waste, and minimally packaged home goods.


7. Learn Online:


Take full advantage of the library system. You can listen to and read books online for free through an app called OverDrive which is connected to your local library. Subscribe to online versions of the news. Read informative sustainable books and watch documentaries to learn about what the mass media isn’t covering.

Become a life-long student and invest in yourself. Sustainability and personal finance are two topics that are not taught in schools, yet they impact every person’s life on this planet. Master your personal finances and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle by taking the Free Increase Your Financial IQ Mini-Email Course. 

Learn how to save thousands of dollars by going green and then how to reinvest that money to gain your financial freedom!

Reduce your carbon output by learning online and in your pajamas.


Increase your Financial IQ



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Did you know that it only takes 25% of a population to start a major social movement?

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