Earth Mantra

Earth Mantra is a non-profit organization dedicated to filling the gap in the education curriculum by teaching young adults (3rd grade to college level) about sustainability and how to navigate their personal finances.

Mission Statement: Earth Mantra strives to create a paradigm shift towards a healthier more sustainable individual and society, by creating awareness of our impact on the earth’s limited resources.

I find it interesting how some of the most important topics like personal finance and environmental sustainability are not taught as part of the standard curriculum within our school systems. We live in a time where the fiat monetary system touches every individual’s life, yet we don’t teach our young adults how to manage or navigate their personal finances. Once an individual turns 18, we automatically expect that they know how FICO scores, credit cards, saving for retirement, and managing a budget works.

We are told at a young age that it is impolite to talk about money, politics, and religion. Why is money such a taboo subject, when it is something that impacts everyone? Every individual on this planet has a financial report card, so why is it not taught in high school?

Environmental sustainability is another subject that is also not being talked about. There are nearly 7.3 billion people on this planet, and the human race is growing exponentially. Every individual has an impact, and can make an impact on how we use our resources.

The goal is to create a paradigm shift in the minds of the next generation, which is why the focus is on educating young adults.

This website is a community of environmentally aware individuals who share their thoughts, and help one another connect to build a more sustainable future. Community members are encouraged to post a comment regarding how they felt about an article, contribute solutions, share alternative  sustainable substitute products, or suggest that I write on a particular topic that they would like to know more about.

One way you can help our mission is to share our content or ask that we come give a sustainability class at your (child’s) school!

I am always open to suggestions and would love to know your thoughts so please reach out!